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Lithium Iron(Ferrous) Phosphate technology is a new developing power source which converts chemical energy to electrical energy. Different from lead acid batteries, each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.2 volts (actually 2.4V-3.8V). Inside each cell are positive plates (LiFePO4) and negative plates ( Graphite), isolated from each other by PP separators with organic solvents used as electrolyte. These are completely sealed inside an aluminum-plastic pocket while lead acid batteries have liquid acid floating inside a plastic container.

When battery is charging, lithium ion escapes from positive plates and join with the electrolyte, then passes through the separator and finally reaches the negative plates. Discharge is the movement of lithium ion in the opposite direction. The chemical reaction equation is below:


Combined with our rich experience of manufacturing lead- acid batteries for small engine start and electric vehicle propulsion. Skyrich company has developed an industrial battery with Lithium Iron(Ferrous) Phosphate technology for high rate application.

This technological design can replace a 12V Lead Acid battery by series connecting four cells to reach a nominal voltage of 12.8 Volts. This voltage level will ensure the original vehicle charging system without the need to make any changes when installing. our standard 12V Lead Acid battery charger will be adaptable with them, just like all other battery types ,over charging and severe discharging will damage Lithium battery also. Always make sure that the charging voltage be limited below 15V and when discharged it will never be lower than 12.8V(Resting V).

With extremely thin plates and unique electrolyte design this battery rapidly increases high rate performance. Skyrich Starting LiFePO4 battery can reach 60C cranking current which is 10 times that of a normal LiFePO4 product. This feature achieves the possibility of quick charge with high rate current. We recommend a charging current within the range of 0.5C- 5C. However, the best way for charging all battery types would be to always use a slow charge with small current.

Skyrich LiFePO4 batteries are pre-charged to 70% of capacity when shipping. Compare to a Lead Acid battery, this new technology gets premium shelf life performance and can be stocked much longer without charge. If installed into a Vehicle which is in storage or use infrequently, periodically charge may be needed since some vehicle may have some current draw. Of course disconnect the battery from Vehicle is the best choice for protection. Or you can use a standard maintainer or charger to maintain the battery when such kind of situation.

As a special feature for easy of use, Skyrich offer an additional lighting indicator function on the battery for state of condition. With one light showing,
an immediate charge is necessary. Two lights on signals a 50% capacity, battery is still available for cranking vehicle and a charge is not generally required. When three lights are on, battery is in perfect condition and ready to go.


For maximize lithium battery powerand life, Skyrich has designed a dedicate intelligent charger. It can judge the battery condition and select the suitable charge program automatically. It has the function for Lower Volts Recovery, Constant Current Charge, Constant Voltage Charge, and maintenance Charge.

It has short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and protection against high voltage and high current.

100V-240V 50/60Hz AC Input
2A MAX charge rate


Normal Transforner Charger

This is very popular charger with consumer . It charges a battery at aconstant current .The better quality ones can automatically switches to continue float charging mode when it reaches peak charge volt. So it can also be used as a maintainer for a Lead Acid battery. To charge a Skyrich Lithium battery, please make sure this charger obtains a limit voltage function.

Smart 3-Stage Charger

This is quality charger a 3-stage charge program: constant current charge, constant voltage charge and maintenance charge. This charger is very suitable for Charging a Skyrich Lithium battery .

Desulfation Charger

This is a professional designed charger which can recover sulfation in a Lead Acid battery via high-voltage charge or pulse charge . This routine will damage a lithium battery due to the high voltage charging program. Please don't apply this kind of charger for Charger a Skyrich lithium battery .

Multipurpose Charger

This charger offer many option of charging current . It makes quick charge possible since multi charging rate are available. Because our lithium battery is designed with high rate performance upon an emergency request,a10C quick charge is acceptable. Of course the better charge rate is always less than 5C.Recommend charge rate can be found on the Charging label.

Key Point:

Most important: make sure when charging the voltage always remains below 15.0V. Charging current lower than 5C better for maximum battery power and life.